www.4118.com ,What vivid pictures! One presents a young man’s face, on which the name
Beckham is painted, and the other depicts an equally disturbing
situation, where a teenager spends 300 yuan on his haircut simply
because he wants to follow Beckham’s hairstyle. Obviously, the drawer
intends to remind us how crazily these youngsters are adoring their



Personally, I hold it self-evident that this kind of craziness will do
great harm to the youth. It is high time that they were taught how to
adore icons properly. It is the responsibility of every educational
institution to call upon the youth to learn one thing about success:
success always results from hard work.

2) interpret the social phenomenon reflected by them, and





Directions: Study the following photos carefully and write an essay in
which you should

3) give your point of view.


You should write 160 – 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

The pictures really set me thinking. I cannot help associating them with
another hot word “supergirl”, which almost swept over every Chinese in
the year 2005. They are mirrors, reflecting how eager the youth are to
succeed like their icons. In recent years, with China’s steady economic
growth, the youngsters ********joyed material abundance, which,
however, does not always mean spiritual satisfaction. On the opposite,
many of them find themselves increasingly indulged in pursuing
meaningless things. They imitate whatever their icons do: how to look
cool, how to look for fun, and even how to play hide-and-seek with
reporters. They envy how successful their icons ********ome, yet
they never take a look at the thorny road, along which, their icons
climb up to success.

1) describe the photos briefly,


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